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Family Martial Arts

Your family will bond over martial arts.

Our comprehensive training classes are great for all ages, so we look forward to bringing your whole family together to experience them. Our martial arts classes provide children with a disciplined environment in which they can learn the skills and attitudes necessary to become confident, resourceful individuals. Come see us in Concord or simply fill out the short form on your screen to learn more!

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When you enroll your child in our martial arts program, you're not just joining a school. You're joining a family. We know that there are so many things competing for your kids' attention—and we want to make sure they know what's important. We don't just want them to learn how to defend themselves; we want our students to be able to defend themselves against all kinds of challenges, both physical and emotional. That's why we focus on helping everyone take on new challenges, and bringing everyone closer together with a new family tradition.

Our instructors help people of all ages, experience levels and athletic abilities learn valuable self-defense skills—but we also help them develop confidence in all aspects of life. We know that when someone is confident in their ability to succeed at something difficult, it changes everything about them as an individual—and the better they feel about themselves, the more success they'll have in every area of life.


ATA Concord brings families together to learn martial arts in our welcoming, inclusive environment!

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We are a martial arts school in Concord, NC dedicated to teaching and learning the values of martial arts, including respect, discipline, and self-defense.

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